Image: Being in Place
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"All things are cousins to everything. We come out of a common line, a shared sequence
of development, all living beings. The cell, no matter whether you take a leaf or some animal, or human, is basically the same structure. This sense of being integral with the total life system of the universe is the key to the future."

Thomas Berry, author,
The Universe Story and Dream of the Earth


When my kids were small I lived on Market Street in Annapolis, just blocks away from work.  I have a strong memory of walking home in a driving spring rain, holding my shoes in my hand and wading through pools of water, watching it cascade from downspouts across lawns down stone steps onto the sidewalk and into the street . . . avalanches of water accumulating around thirsty sewers, pouring downhill along the paved street and into Spa Creek.  Several years ago, with the Cheasapeake Bay recovery a major issue, I began to ask what the City could do to retain the rain.  "Very difficult . . . impossible . . ."  I was told.

In order to install more raingardens, living roofs, bogs, and natural systems, we need your continued support for the stormwater fee charged by the County.

Now, the City is required by NPDES Regulations to reduce its impact on the Creeks that form its borders. A new bank under construction on West Street will grow a Living Roof, and the Mayor has brought grants into City coffers to construct its first Raingardens. AA County Public Works Director has championed Living Roofs, installing 5 on public buildings in various County jurisdictions. Visit the Raingardens we have inspired in the County parking lot, Heritage Plaza, Riva Road - and at the main entrance to Westfield Shoppingtown off Jennifer Road.

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