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Build a Rain Garden in 8 Steps

Eagle Scouts

I've been delighted with requests from a number of Eagle Scout Candidates for advice and assistance in the design, planning and planting of raingardens such as the one below, to receive, filter carcinogenic pollutants from roads, and infiltrate the cool clean rain. The Scouts have given their energy and enticed friends and fellow scouts to help, learn and feel pride in their success. Each resident who is weary of hearing about the problems of our rivers, creeks and the bay can survey his or her own property, turn roof downspouts into planting beds, attach a rainbarrel to serve as a reservoir, and dig and plant a lovely raingarden that can bloom from spring to fall.

rain garden project

St. Elizabeth Anne Seton Church, Crofton, MD

St. Elizabeth Anne Seton Church Rain Garden

Sykora's Rain Garden, Crofton, MD

Martha Sykora in Crofton dug her raingarden after asking my advice. She said, "We used the earth that was removed to make the raingarden for raised beds in the vegetable patch and also made a little "berm" on the lower street side of the rain garden. The water always infiltrated in just a few hours. We liked to sit on the porch and watch the birds enjoy the pond while it lasted. No rain flowed down our driveway as it had before."

Sykora Rain Garden

Rain Barrels

People whose downspouts empty onto their driveways can also connect rain barrels to store water for dry periods and direct the overflow into a planting bed or rain garden.

Rain barrel

Crofton Woods Elementary School, Crofton, MD

Crofton Woods School asked the County's help to cut their parking lot curbs to open a way for stormwater to run into the woods instead of into storm drains.

Crofton Woods curb cuts

Cooling and Cleaning

Below is another photo of a resident's raingarden where the driveway drains into the garden, cleaning and cooling pollution from cars.

cooling and cleaning rain garden



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