Image: Being in Place
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Details on how to implement these and other Best Management Practices are available in the T.R.E.E.S. Plan book.  To request a copy, contact TreePeople at 818-753-4600.  Visit  their website:




White raingardenThe unmistakable sound of raindrops tapping on a roof reminds us the earth, in her infinite wisdom, has begun yet another cycle of refreshing. Flowing water slips quickly into gutters, drops and rattles through downspouts and at my home, enters an attached subterranean tube. A few yards away, a gentle washing sound can be heard as water emerges to an open stone bed, placed there to calm and give entry to a lush and waiting rain-garden. And so the concert begins.

Welcome to my garden. Here I have no concerns of erosion, chemical waste, or the biologically damaging effects of superheated rainwater runoff.

In the last few months, through the Alliance for Sustainable Communities, I have become educated concerning the need for an alternative, like this garden, to the unwanted effects of ecologically unconscious designs concerning rainwater runoff and am becoming increasingly aware of the need for this education to be fostered in our communities. I am asking for your support in this effort.

Stop by my new raingarden if you’re in the neighborhood and join me some summer afternoon, and we might talk about a desire to be more conscious of the beauty, present in every moment and in every square inch of soil that surrounds us and on what side of the white picket fence we might choose to stand. Perhaps we would pause long enough to really notice the sounds of life. And, to commit to living a little closer to this music that is ours to cherish. The concert has already begun and all are invited.



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